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Welcome to Adventure's Edge!

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Adventure's Edge is an actual play TTRPG podcast. We are a group of friends who enjoy rich storytelling, deep characters and deeper cuts, with the occasional slaughter. We are using the Pathfinder 1st edition Epic P6 rules, but anyone familiar with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) should have no problem understanding the mechanics of play, although no roleplaying experience is required to enjoy our story.

The story is set on the world of Tellus, an original disc world filled with both familiar fantasy elements and unique takes on classic tropes. While the world is big, the story starts small. Season 1 follows a group of strangers who must join together to cure a disease threatening the town of Ravenrock. The story continues to expand outward, and is filled with rich roleplay, exploration, deadly combat, dungeon delving, and the barest hint of them being murder-hoboes. Ahem. This isn't a performative show. There are no safety rails in place. The dice rolls and danger are always real (much to the player's chagrin at times). Below are links to information about the world, the rules, and the story - or you could just start listening now!

Our Shows

  • Heroes of the Vale
    • This is our flagship show. The story follows a group of companions who join forces to cure a mysterious illness affecting their town, only to get drawn into a web of increasing danger. 
  • Tellus More
    • In this show we introduce the cast and discuss the world and plot. 
  • The Game Mentors
    • Here we attempt to provide advice for running or playing your own games. 

The World of Tellus

Tellus is a vast disk world encircled by the powerful flow of the Realstream. The fiery light of Cyrus warms the day, and Karos and Lunas illuminate the night. Beneath the aether the mortal races build their empires and explore farther into the unknown, while the divine plot beyond the veil and the world engine spins on of its own accord.

Tellus Primer (Player's Guide to Tellus)

Pathfinder P6 Rules (What we use on our show!)

Adventure's Edge Roleplaying Game (In Active Development)

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Where to Listen

Check out our Season 1 Trailer!